Wolf Like Me

APC got to work with art director Lorretta Cosgrove on the dark comedy Wolf Like Me. Featuring Isla Fisher and Josh Gad, this is a relationship story about man meets werewolf. Writer/ director Abe Forsythe plays with the holy rom-com premise of the meet-cute: here, it’s when advice columnist Mary (Isla Fisher) smashes her car into Gary’s (Josh Gad). Aside from being the rare surprising moment of a car accident in film and TV, it’s a sharp introduction to the black comedy that comes next, and a funny way for two characters to meet. Mary comes to his house to give his daughter Emma (Ariel Donoghue) a copy of Carl Sagan’s Contact, and to offer an apology. He sees her kind soul, and gets to bare his own, talking about how he has struggled with parenting after the loss of his wife Lisa. There’s a sweet recognition of one’s darkness here, as Mary also has a dearly departed spouse.

“Later on, Gary learns that Mary ate her husband, because she is in fact a werewolf… “

Nick Allen

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