Black Mary

Black Mary is a custom-built camping back that is winched on and off Alien Proof’s 6WD ex-Hammersely Iron fire truck. Fabricated in steel, Aluclad and timber, it features a large sleeping awning, benches, desk, storage, fridge alcove, mechanics pannier and kitchen pannier. It also sports a winch-driven rear door that descends to reveal a verandah/ putting green.

Oak Milk Classic F-Truck

Alien Proof Construction was responsible for the attachment of the prop milk carton to this pristine classic F100. It was a very precise job…

Miller Chill Cantina

Miller Chill commissioned Alien Proof Construction to design and construct a promotional vehicle for the brand. Featuring a sound system, DJ booth, dance floor, fridges, storage, roll-down sides and room for up to 12 people, the vehicle was designed to mimic a Mexican cantina and travelled all over Australia.


The forty-seventh wooden speedboat registered in NSW, LR47N was a mess when we found her. The crew dedicated hours and hours to returning her to her Riva-esque beginnings, including designing and installing a barrel-back deck. She cuts a fine line through the harbour these days.

Jessie Rockatansky & Evel Knievel

Pit-chief and engineer for an all-girl off-road race team, Alien Proof has helped design and build two winning vehicles, the gutsy Jessie Rockatansky and Evel Knievel – don’t let the candy-striping fool you…