An innovative set, prop, special effect and devices workshop that specialises in full-scale sets, vehicle mutation and special effects for feature films, TV mini series, telemovies, music videos, docos, TVCs, ad campaigns, live broadcast, touring theatre shows, roving promotions, vehicle promotions and large-scale art installations, Alien Proof Construction prides itself on being able to construct anything. In fact, if you can dream it, we can build it…
You need a flaming schooner scuppered, sunk and raised from a watery grave in Botany Bay? No problem. ATMs just not Mardi Gras enough? We will bejewel them. The main streets of Broome too in the present? Let us transform them into a 1950s set, complete with tonnes of blood-red pindan and an authentic tin hotel…

Construction (sets and props)

With over 25 years experience in the industry, and as part of the construction team/ construction manager for major films and TV shows (Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith; Farscape IV; My Kitchen Rules; Bran Nue Dae; The Circuit; Sleek Geeks; Love My Way), and with a strong focus on art-based TVCs and new media promotion (ANZ GAYTMs; Cloud 9 Frozen in the Clouds; Strap a Motor to it/ Ice Break drag race), Alien Proof Construction prides itself on being able to build anything, from Shakespeare to spaceships. Literally.

Special effects

Things that go boom put a sparkle in our eyes, and if we get to play with fire and water at the same time, there is undoubtedly going to be steam… Our special effects include an array of experiments including an air-powered canon for Steampunks, a kids’ show produced by Beyond (Mythbusters), a petrol-bombed flooded caravan (Seabellies Trans Ending music video) and Scuba Driver, a rusting Kombie, sealed, waterproofed and filled with over eight tonnes of water, before being inhabited by a mermaid and two scuba divers, one of whom drove it, a swimming pool on wheels…

Vehicle customisation

We love nothing more than getting our teeth into a vehicle mutation, from kitting out classic muscle cars for a guitar solo vs drum solo drag race for Ice Break coffee, to a dancefloor cantina used to promote Miller Chill and a four-ton camping truck called Black Mary. And our erstwhile leader is the pit-chief and engineer for an all-girl racing team, converting Aussie beauties into stylized apocalyptic racing machines that face-off in the dirt once a year, in a location known only to a few…


Servicing the film, TV, theatre and exhibition industries for over ten years, Alien Proof Construction is an innovative set, prop, special effect and devices workshop that specialises in full-scale sets, props, vehicle customisation and special effects.
  • Set design
  • Set construction
  • Carpentry
  • Construction management
  • props
  • Special effects
  • Steel fabrication/welding
  • CNC cutting
  • Vac forming
  • Scenic art/ finishing
  • On-site builds
  • Vehicle customisation

Our resources

Alien Proof Construction is located in a high-ceilinged timber and brick warehouse in St Peters, opposite Sydney Park. With over 500sqm of high clearance workshop and hard stand space, additional warehousing if required, excellent access and storage facilities and tools to equip a sizeable crew, Alien Proof is well resourced and ready to move at a moment’s notice. Our fleet of vehicles includes 6WD and 4WD trucks, generators, water pumps, portable hot and cold running water facilities, crew camp for remote locations, a 1950s wooden speedboat and tender, and access to countless classic cars [’79 Holden Kingswood; Valiant Charger; 2 x Internationals (a ute and a delivery-style truck) among others].

Remote locations

We pride ourselves in our unwavering passion and ability to build anything, anywhere, and remote locations make us happy. We get to play with out toys…

About Us

Our crew includes a talented army of setbuilders with countless years experience (from blockbusters to mini-series, TV shows, TVCs, theatre shows, exhibitions and art installations), carpenters, welders, designers, art department, props makers, scenic artists, special effects specialists, labourers, runners and unit professionals.

Director, Cameron Stanton, is a NIDA-trained construction manager with over 25 years experience in the business, having worked on an array of productions including Star Wars, My Kitchen Rules, Bran Nue Day, The Circuit, Top Gear Australia, Love My Way and countless more.

Personal Info

Our Crew

The team will go above and beyond to get the right result for any job, will ensure the fastest turnaround from build to shoot and has a great working knowledge of on-set etiquette, interpreting direction, use of camera angles, and location scope – in fact they quickly become locals in every town… Ultimately every job is about quality, time and money and we aim to get the very best value out of any budget. We are proud to have been associated with some of Australia’s most legendary art directors and our client list speaks for itself.


Our clients are an impressive array of production houses, art directors, TV companies, theatres, corporates, schools, universities and, well, that guy from down the road who needs a 5m jack-in-the-box.


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