Construction Management

Set Construction

Props Making

Special Effects

Set Design

Scenic art/finishing

Steel fabrication/ welding

CNC Cutting


Vac Forming

Fibreglass mold making

12V electrics

Set Construction | Props | Scenery

With construction integrity, detailed finishing and is built on our team’s cumulative ‘hundred years in the business’ experience, Alien Proof’s work nails the brief on time, every time. Our St Peters-based crew includes: setbuilders, carpenters, welders, designers, art department, props makers and scenic artists, and we come equipped to take on any job, from full-scale feature film construction management to rustling up a park bench that talks. We know that every job demands expertise and quality and is controlled by time and money, so we work hard to ensure each project is realised on budget and on time.

We can design your project from concept to completion, we have engineers on tap, and we excel at turning even the strangest ideas into reality. We offer CNC routing, steel fabrication, welding, vac forming, fibreglass mold making, scenic art, props and 12v electrics, and we’ve been known to turn our hand to water stunts, if asked nicely.

Special Effects | Science Experiments

Things that go boom put a sparkle in our eyes and we like to test out the laws of physics on a daily basis. Alien Proof has a long history of special effects, including an array of science experiments that put Todd Sampson’s life well and truly on the line and working closely with Dr Karl, and Professor Brian Cox.

We’ve built an air-powered canon for Steampunks (Beyond/ ABC), a petrol-bombed, flooded caravan (Seabellies music video) and Scuba Driver, a rusting Kombie, sealed, waterproofed and filled with over eight tonnes of water, and driven by a scuba driver and his mermaid.

Vehicle customisation

Alien Proof is both mechanically minded and a fan of the apocalypse and we know that what’s jerryrigged to the chassis is as important as what’s under the bonnet. We’ve muscled-up muscle cars and made a billboard do wheelies, thumped a F-truck cantina around the country as a mobile beer bar/ dancefloor, and altered perceptions with a mobile mood lab for The Big Anxiety festival.

If your shoot requires some out-of-the-box vehicle customisation, we’re your grease monkeys.