With a love of large-scale industrial sculpture in the public domain, Ran Stanton likes to challenge the preconceptions of urban life. Previous work includes regular installations in public space, festivals and underground art exhibitions:

Southern Cross

The Southern Cross is a large-scale installation piece featuring two 11m Southern Cross windmills, ageing metal warped and twisted, powered by the sun. Inspired by This wide brown land, it’s harsh beauty and the simplicity of this ghostly sentinel, The Southern Cross was built for the future with solar panel blades and tail that create a self-sustained energy station.

From the Boneyard

The Flying Fish is a large-scale industrial fire sculpture, made from an aging DC3 plane cockpit rescued from Bankstown airport, a stainless steel skeletal shape that references a fish and the ephemeral beauty of rolling fire. Ran is proud to keep the old girl flying, albeit without wings, and bathed in flame as it skits along the backbone of the fish, casting a shadow of the plane’s former self on the ground. “She is a part of us; she represents how we feel when we are pulled apart and moved on, when the developers cash in leaving ‘rubble’ in their wake”.

Scuba Driver

With the premise that everything can have an alter ego, a rusting Kombie was sealed, waterproofed and filled with over eight tonnes of water, before being inhabited by two scuba divers and a mermaid and being driven by a man in a mask underwater. It was a magnificent statement on the degradation of everyday objects, alternative use and the Kombie’s unrivalled position as a beach-dwelling sea-lover.

Gonzo Roadtrip

The backseat of an early 70s Valiant awaits, vinyl sticky with anticipation. Climb in and immerse yourself in the roadtrip, as the Nullabor streaks into the distance in front of you, with the quintessential gonzo radio rant as your soundscape, a psychedelic road journey from 1978.

The Coyote Get’s His Own Back

This piece was a humorous take on the classic Road Runner cartoons of Ran’s youth. The Road Runner’s nemesis, Wily Coyote, seems always destined to fail. Here it is inferred that the underdog can triumph, with a little help from the ACME company.


A giant 5m screwdriver swings on a chain, just begging you to turn the screw at your feet. Inspired by a love of big things, an ever-increasing workload and forever losing one’s tools.

Nail Gun Shooting Gallery

Inspired by a scene in Lethal Weapon this carpenters nail gun has a cedar butt, stock and 28″ barrel. It comes with a gallery of self-righting tin ducks and all the tings, dings and dodgy things reminiscent of every fairground attraction.

Anvil Swing

Proving all the laws of kinetic physics and trusting that the artist is OH&S compliance, the Anvil Swing comes into its own as a 66lb block of blue-hardened metal hurtles towards your faceā€¦