The Circuit

This SBS drama series is set in the outback in and around Cape Leveque and Broome in northern WA. Alien Proof Construction was involved in construction management for Series II, specialising in remote area production.


Nissan’s World Without Petrol campaign was created as an outdoor art installation to bring attention to the company’s electric LEAF cars. It asked people to question what use fuel pumps would have in the near future, and featured bowsers upcyled … Read more

Hyde and Seek

We worked with Production Designer Sam Hobbs to create set, props and location fit-outs for this acclaimed Channel Nine police drama filmed on location throughout Sydney.


A high-flying financial analyst suffers kidney failure and receives a life-saving organ transplant. She throws in her job, goes through years of medical school and starts her rotation in the transplant unit of a busy Western Sydney teaching hospital where … Read more


Commissioned by BEYOND (Mythbusters), Steampunks is a kids’ TV show created for ABC3. Alien Proof Construction designed and built sets, props and special effects for the show, including an air-powered canon, a water tank customised from a container for splash … Read more

Sleek Geeks

We got to play with Dr Karl! As construction management team on two series of the ABC’s Sleek Geeks,  hosted by Dr Karl Kruszelnicki and Adam Spencer, Alien Proof got to do what it does best, creating science experiments, special … Read more


The Seabellies wanted a stunt involving a custom-made caravan filled to the brim with water and then set alight for their music video Trans Ending. Right up our alley.


For the Snowdroppers’ Do The Stomp music video, Alien Proof Construction produced crates of sugar glass bottles to be hurled at the outdoor stage during the performance, filmed in the laneway at Tortuga Studios (the location of our St Peters … Read more

Junk Jukebox

In association with Will O’Rourke and The Glue Society, Alien Proof was commissioned to construct the Junk Jukebox, a revolving oversized stage carousel structure accommodating multiple rubbish bins. Whenever garbage was deposited in the bins, the structure rotated with the … Read more


Black Mary Black Mary is a custom-built camping back that is winched on and off Alien Proof’s 6WD ex-Hammersely Iron fire truck. Fabricated in steel, Aluclad and timber, it features a large sleeping awning, benches, desk, storage, fridge alcove, mechanics … Read more