Alien Proof Construction : Set Design, Construction Management, Special Effects

About Alien Proof Construction

Servicing the film, TV, theatre and exhibition industries for over ten years, Alien Proof Construction is an innovative set, prop, special effect and devices workshop that specialises in full-scale sets, vehicle mutation and special effects.
Alien Proof is owned and operated by Cameron (Ran) Stanton, a NIDA-trained construction manager with over 25 years experience in the business. A carpenter/ joiner by trade, theatrical scenery builder and setbuilder by profession, Cameron's apprenticeship was under the tutelage of NIDAs last master carpenter, Cecil Armstrong, Tony Pearce and Trevor McCosker.

The TV, film and theatre industry is all about style and Alien Proof Construction has it in spades, from the 6WD flat bed ex-mine-fire truck that transports us and our work, a spinning saw design as our logo and our erstwhile leader, who has a certain style of his own. Add in the buzzing energy of a workshop that rarely sleeps and a crew with ready smiles and an impressive knowledge of the industry and you are good to go.

Our team will go above and beyond to get the right result for any job, will ensure the fastest turnaround from build to shoot and has a great working knowledge of on-set etiquette, interpreting direction, use of camera angles, and location scope - in fact they quickly become locals in every town… Ultimately every job is about quality, time and money and we aim to get the very best value out of any budget. Alien Proof has an impressive reputation in international and local, large and small-scale production, and has a long history of construction management, art department, setbuilding, props and special effects manufacture, as well as vehicle customisation and wrangling. We are proud to have been associated with some of Australia's most legendary art directors and our client list speaks for itself.


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